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Transform Your Business, Grow With Confidence, Build a Legacy


We help systematize and automate businesses to create predictable and consistent revenue, a thriving culture, freedom to focus on what matters most, and peace of mind.


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Business Operating Systems (BOS)
Revenue Growth + RevOps Strategies
Mergers + Acquisitions
Group | Team Engagement
1:1 Founder | CEO Strategy

What Could You Accomplish Without These Issues Holding Your Business Back?

Stagnant or Declining Revenue

Financial strain can directly impact the financial health of the business. Lower revenues may lead to cash flow problems, making it challenging to cover operating expenses, repay debts, or invest in growth initiatives.

Lack of Systems or Processes

In the absence of standardized procedures, errors are more likely to occur, leading to rework, delays, and potential customer dissatisfaction. Without proper checks and balances, mistakes may go unnoticed until they escalate into larger issues.

Limited or No Control

Employees often face distractions and unexpected issues hindering their productivity. You need a way manage meetings, data, tasks, thus helping individuals regain control over their workdays.

No Accountability

When individuals are unclear about their responsibilities, accountability suffers. There is no visibility of tasks and deadlines, no accountability among team members, and tasks continue falling through the cracks.

Company Goals are Unclear

Without a clear vision or set of goals, the organization lacks a guiding framework for decision-making and strategy development. This can result in confusion among employees regarding the company's direction and priorities.

High Turnover Rate

Frequent turnover disrupts workflow and productivity as employees feel unproductive and uncertain about their roles. This can lead to decreased efficiency, missed deadlines, and reduced output, impacting overall performance.

Lack of Transparency

Organizations struggle with ineffective communication leading to confusion among team members. You need tools that integrate data, processes, and people, facilitating transparent communication and keeping everyone informed.

Perception of Inefficiency and Feeling Stuck

Leaders and teams may feel they are not creating sufficient value for the organization, leading to decreased revenue despite increased sales. Leaders feel stuck and can't seem to make significant progress towards goals.

We Have Been In Your Shoes, We Understand Your Challenges; We Can Help!



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Building Superior Enterprises Through Simple, Yet Powerful Business Systems

To begin, we help you build and implement a custom Business Operating System (BOS) and develop a new/ refreshed Revenue Growth + RevOps Strategy to level-set your company. We then help you grow, scale, and create an enterprise that increases in value and doesn't solely rely on YOU to run the day-to-day.  If you want to acquire other businesses or sell off 


Build Consistent and Predictable Revenue

We will review your current in-house strategy and will equip you with the tools and strategies to accelerate revenue growth and drive value in your business to create consistent and predictable profits. Increase revenue generation through current trends, tools, effective lead generation, and sales conversion strategies.

Design Powerful Vision and Goals

We will help you identify your long-term goals and objectives, purpose, and core values for systematizing, scaling, and creating transferable value in your business. We like 3-year plans with 90-day sprints to prioritize your focus areas and set measurable targets for success.

Create Team Accountability and Agreements

We will guide you in documenting the key drivers of value in your company (the secret sauce) ensuring that essential tasks are completed correctly, encompassing all your critical systems, process playbooks, SOPs with a team accountability chart to clarify responsibilities and tasks for everyone involved.

Track Performance with Company Scorecards

You will establish key metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track progress towards your team and company goals. This will help you monitor the effectiveness of your systems and processes, identify areas for improvement, and make data driven decisions and course corrections where necessary.

Install High-Performance Teams and Essential Meeting Flow

We will assist you in implementing team and company metrics dashboards throughout your organization, complemented by a structured custom meeting schedule to ensure that every member of your team is aware of what requires improvement and enhancement.

Who We Work With

Visionary Founder(s), CEOs, and Leaders
At least 7-Figures in Annual Revenue 
10 - 250 employees (Ideal size, no Max)
U.S. Based SMBs/ Industry Agnostic
Bootstrapped/ Funded/ Family-Owned/ Private Equity Owned/ ETA Search
Our initial service offering starts at $18k+ to move your business to the path of transformation, make sure you are comfortable with this kind of investment before moving forward.


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Is Your Business a Well-Oiled Machine or Do You Have a Sinking Ship?

Volition | BAS+ Business Health Assessment

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A Winning Strategy Designed Just For You!

“My business partners and I initially sought Brian’s services when we were approached to be acquired. We had no idea of the value after being owners of the company for 5yrs. Not only did Brian give us his opinion but he also challenged us to think about how we scale our business. He has guided us through a 90 day accelerator program which has helped us put in a business operating system that allows us to scale and monitor our growth so when my business partners and I are ready for the next chapter, the company will be worth more than when we were approached before.”

“I've worked with Brian for over 20 years on a number of businesses. I have admired his successful achievements and love watching him do the same for other successful entrepreneurs like he has for me. His company, Volition is on the cutting edge of helping businesses scale and creating growth. Do yourself a favor and hire them now! You'll be glad you did.”

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Brian Agnew - Founder + Managing Principal 



Brian Agnew, MBA, CM&AA is highly accomplished and respected in the business world, known for his experience and expertise in a wide range of industries including healthcare, business services, IT, Non-Profits, and more.
One of Brian's most notable achievements was the founding of Supero Healthcare Solutions in 2009. With a strong vision and unwavering dedication, he spent 13 years nurturing and scaling the company into a prominent national leader in provider enrollment and physician credentialing services.
Under Brian's leadership, Supero was acquired in 2022 in a private equity acquisition deal and fully exited the business to work with business founders and leaders all over the U.S. to do the same in their businesses.

Brian founded Volition | BAS+ with a clear focus on assisting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) systematize, accelerate revenue growth, scale, and create transferrable value by implementing business operating systems, revops, and mergers and acquisition strategies and solutions. 
Brian is a Certified Scalable Business Advisor and is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor through the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors.

What You Should Know About Working Together

Core Areas of Focus: Vison + Goals, Systems + Processes + Sales + Marketing + Customer Experience+ Teams + Culture, Meetings, Accountability + Agreements +  SOPs + KPIs + Leadership + RevOps + Revenue Growth + Scaling + Enterprise Value
We are looking for very eager and disciplined business leaders.  The program's success will be contingent upon your "active" engagement and participation.

We introduce a hybrid buildout system that employs a "Teach, Do, Review, Test, Audit, Install, Implement, and Optimize" approach.

We utilize group/ team working sessions as well as 1:1 strategy sessions with leadership teams to make sure things are on track and course correct where necessary.  

Our initial business transformation system starts at $18k+ USD, let's talk to secure "The Need" + "The Fit"


Schedule a Free 1:1 Strategy Session Today! 



Have More Questions?  These Might Help!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) Just Give Me The Facts!

1.) WHAT:

In 90 days we will help you design, build, and implement a custom Business Operating System (BOS) and RevOps Roadmap to level set the company so it can scale and create a business that doesn't solely rely on it's leadership to run. 

You need help generating revenue and systematizing/ scaling/ acquiring other businesses/ exiting your company and we can help with that.  

We achieve this through the design, build-out, and implementation of a custom Business Operating System (BOS).  In addition, we will help you create a RevOps Roadmap to promote predictable revenue growth.  

(Optional) You will also gain insight in how to prepare your business for a sale or go out and acquire other businesses to create transferable enterprise value.

Our business transformation system starts at $18k+ USD for our 90-Day accelerator. This is where we start and how we can work together from a financial standpoint.

  • Visionary Founder(s) and CEO
  • At Least 7-Figures in Annual Revenue Revenue
  • 10 - 250 employees
  • Location (U.S. Based)/ We Are Industry Agnostic
  • Bootstrapped/ Funded/ Family-Owned/ Private Equity Owned/ ETA Search

3.) SCHEDULE AND ATTEND: A strategy session so we can further determine the "need" and the "fit".  We hate painful sales cycles too, so we will try to help you get answers to your questions as quickly as possible, as you (nor we) have time to kick tires and play sales ping pong.  

4.) TAKE THE BUSINESS ASSESSMENT: Once you have scheduled your strategy session, we will send you a quick business health assessment to fill out so we can take a look at your business to determine what is working well and what isn't.  We will cover the results and strategies on our call.

5.) ENROLL: There is a Need? There is a Fit?  Yes! Enroll and Watch the Transformation Begin!

Why do you only work with companies that are making 7-figures or more annually?

Don't get us wrong, we have a soft spot for startups and companies that are just getting things moving.  We do a lot of mentoring and coaching in that space and love helping with the challenges those companies are dealing with. 

That said, this type of system works best for solid businesses with solid leadership who have the resources to execute on the strategies and goals that we set together. 

Companies who are looking to increase overall enterprise value and grow revenue through better systems and processes are what we are after.  

I don't have much time, how can we do this without disrupting our work week?

The intended design of the program is to create as little work as possible for you. 

That said, this does take several hours of your time each week.  If you are not able to commit to a few hours of time each week, this program is not a fit.  This isn't a DIY program, but it does require your input, thus your time.  

If you look at your work week,  how many hours are currently dedicated to your business?

You're already investing enough hours to reach your goals. Many successful entrepreneurs have achieved their objectives by working far fewer hours.

Therefore, the issue isn't the number of hours you're putting in, but rather how effectively you're utilizing those hours in your business.

That's where we come in. We're not asking you to add more hours to your workload. Instead, we'll optimize the hours you're already investing so that you can work smarter, not harder.

There's no need for extra time commitments.

What guarantees do you offer?

What significant aspects of your life, the ones truly worth pursuing and having, come with a 100% guarantee?

The reality is, that not even waking up tomorrow is assured, right?

Acknowledging that nothing is foolproof, it would be unethical for us to claim to foresee the future.

However, what we can promise is our exceptional track record, professionalism, and unwavering support to equip you for success.

What we cannot assure is your commitment to putting in the effort. Does that make sense?

We currently hold the key to the outcome you desire, right? And we've done this in our own businesses and we are doing the same for others.  Which is what you want!

The real question is, will you be the individual who shows up wholeheartedly, 1) puts in the work, and 2) reaches out for assistance when needed?

If you can embody these qualities, although the journey may not be effortless, success will undoubtedly be within reach.

Employees don't like change. How do you address that?

Oh yeah!  We hear this all the time.  Concerns about employee resistance arise, with fear of change and disruption.

However, based on our experience with our clients, we have found that while there may be a few employees resistant to change, systematizing has greatly contributed to employee recruitment and retention success.  Everyone is on the same page which translates to a much stronger culture.

If change is good, which this is program is designed to promote, they will love you for it! 

What is your refund policy?

We think you will be completely satisfied and will love this program, but there is always a slim chance something doesn't work out.  

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you don't feel like this program is a fit in the first 30 days, we will simply refund your money back. 

Profitable Business Growth: Simple Strategies, Powerful Results 

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"Why Do You Guys Care About The Success of MY Business?"


We've experienced the challenges of running a business without solid systems and processes. Our personal mission is to prevent other business Founders and CEOs (YOU) from facing the same hardships and setbacks due to lack of guidance.


We're passionate about empowering business leaders to streamline their operations and maximize their profits. We believe that with the right tools and strategies, any business can achieve remarkable success.


There is a pressing need for business leaders to overcome burnout, achieve financial freedom, and build businesses that can thrive without their constant presence. We're here to tackle this challenge head-on and provide the solutions you need. 


We want to make a lasting impact in the lives of business leaders by helping them create scalable and profitable businesses. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can empower you to achieve your goals and dreams.


The "Mission of Volition"

  • Our mission is to help business leaders systematize, scale, and accelerate profits, so they can create a lasting impact and leave a legacy in their industry.
  • We're on a mission to empower businesses to reach their full potential. Our dedicated team specializes in implementing robust business operating systems and revenue generating solutions.
  • We believe in driving growth, optimizing operations, and strategically guiding our clients to success. With a focus on tailored solutions, we are committed to being the catalyst for your business evolution. Partner with Volition and let's navigate the path to your business's brighter future together.
  • Our goal is to assist business leaders like yourself in organizing, expanding, and boosting profits, enabling you to have a lasting impact and leave a legacy in your field.
  • We are dedicated to empowering business leaders to streamline their operations and maximize their earnings. I firmly believe that with the right tools and strategies, any business can achieve remarkable success.

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